About Us

Who Are We?

We are a small amateur dramatic group, formed in 1964, originally by members of Trinity Methodist Church, based at that time in Chapel Lane, Codsall. Although we still have close links with the Church, many of our members are not part of the Church.

Our Aims

Our aims are to enjoy good fellowship, and to produce good family entertainment. We normally stage two productions a year, in May and November.


We meet at Trinity Community Centre (next to the Methodist Church) on Histons Hill, Codsall, on Thursday evenings from 8–10pm.

What Sort of People?

Our members come from all walks of life. The group is open to young adults and upwards, although from time to time we involve younger children. As we are not a large organisation, we are able to enjoy the benefits that a smaller, more intimate group can offer. We are not "luvvies" and we have no prima donnas, we just all like to get on, work as a team, do a good job and have some fun.

What Can I Do?

We are always on the lookout for new members, and you are most welcome to come and introduce yourself. Whatever your interest, be it performing, set-building, costume-making, lighting, make-up, producing, helping backstage or front of house, you will be made to feel very welcome. Previous experience is not necessary! We don’t guarantee to make you a star overnight, but we do guarantee to give you a chance to show what you can do.


Much as we welcome those wanting or willing to act on stage, we realise that not everyone wants to tread the boards. If you are uncertain, a few play reading sessions may help you to make up your mind, followed by one or two small speaking parts to build up your confidence. Whatever your choice, you can be assured that our small group will give you every encouragement.

Behind the Scenes Roles

The Director

The director selects and casts the play, organises rehearsals and is responsible for the overall quality of the production.

Lighting, Sound & Effects

These are usually undertaken by a single person. Our lighting is usually very straightforward and our sound effects are operated with a laptop. It can all be operated by anyone who can do the basics on a computer. It takes concentration to follow the script but is rewarding. We often edit our own sound effects so there is scope for getting involved in that too if you have some technical knowledge.

Set Building

Set building, obviously, involves building and decorating the set, usually from sketches and floor plans. The work is normally done on the three Saturdays prior to the production, and all group Members are encouraged to have a go (carpentry, painting, papering and making endless pots of tea).


We have a large existing wardrobe we use but anyone with a set of needles would be most welcome! Flair and imagination are always most useful here.

Hairdressing & Makeup

This discipline offers much to the beginner, as well as to the more experienced, and may involve some research work and a few trial runs before the dress rehearsal.

Social Activities

We gather, from time to time, for an occasional social event such as a quiz and always have a Christmas Meal together.

Becoming a Patron

Not everyone feels they would like to spend their free time learning lines, rehearsing and preparing for a production. If you think this sounds like you, there is another way that you can support us. The Histons Players have long been sustained by the support of patrons. Patrons have the opportunity to book tickets before they go on general sale, and receive an invitation to our AGM in September.  The annual subscription is £5.

If you would like to support us, more information can be obtained from our Patrons Secretary through the email address on our Contacts page.

Who’s who

The Histons Players Committee is:

Chairman John Campbell
Honorary President  
Secretary Stella Metherell
Patrons Secretary Roger Etheridge
Treasurer Jenni Green
Publicity Secretary Andy Millichamp
Box Office Caroline Dykes